Freedom by foot

On the 9th of September 2011 we set out from England to the continent by ferry to begin our adventure in earnest. By foot we will make our way to the first destination, which is Milan, from there we will be flying over to Bangalore for an archaeological conference (as you do) and an escape from the harsh European winter.

At any and all points in our little wander we will be on the look out for interesting and exciting places and people to learn from. Our journey begins with a zeal for experiencing ancient and traditional life & new innovative ways of living for the future.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Karamel and Kastanies

Millau, our first real view of high landscape, in absolute awe of its beauty but aware of the hot afternoon sun and the enticing fresh mountain water. We followed the river Dorbie along a huge gorge for the remaining day, camping by the magical fresh river and watching groups of red kites soar in the sky above us. The next day the road took us high off of the river and up into St Verain, truly one of the most beautiful little hamlets we have seen so far. Although, of course, it was completely empty of human life so we headed off on the goat tracks onto the plateau, from this day for the next week we walked high up, moving with the landscapes around us. From deep gorges to arid moors and finally into the breathtaking Cevenne that really did take our breath, the highest we climbed was 1146m. This is where Karamel entered our lives, a dog gifted with a warm smile and gentle nature led us up into the tops of the mountains. Above the clouds we climbed with our intrepid new sherpa, believing that of course he will go home. But when sweet little Karamel is still fast asleep in the porch of our tent early morning, we realised Karamel was around to stay. After that good 30km day we wandered, stiff feeted into Lasalle and spent half the day awkwardly attempting to return Karamel to his bohemian mountain owners.
Free from the ties of dogma, we travelled to Besseges to spend some time amongst the chestnut trees with our new host Franziska and her young daughter Lilly, ready for the Autumnal adventures that lie ahead...

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  1. So glad you got to see the Cevennes -one of my favorite places. So impressed by your dogged determination!! Onwards,woof,woof!x