Freedom by foot

On the 9th of September 2011 we set out from England to the continent by ferry to begin our adventure in earnest. By foot we will make our way to the first destination, which is Milan, from there we will be flying over to Bangalore for an archaeological conference (as you do) and an escape from the harsh European winter.

At any and all points in our little wander we will be on the look out for interesting and exciting places and people to learn from. Our journey begins with a zeal for experiencing ancient and traditional life & new innovative ways of living for the future.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Our first day on the road

After leaving Vergt we walked on wards to Lalinde along little roads and through quaint Perigord villages. Only once were we in need of directions, conveniently provided by a delightful old french lady, via a short cut along a lovely forest track. We feasted on the road side with apples and walnuts, and came across a beautiful lush kiwi plantation! yum! Of course the supply of Mama's Flapjacks helped, though sadly all now gone! At 4.30pm we reached Lalinde and walked across the majestic Dordogne river, up a gurt steep hill to Ecovallee. Greeted by lovely 'Helpex' nomads Alex and Laura, who replenished our weary souls with water, tea and biscuits. What a beautiful and luxurious first stop. EcoVallee, run by Alex and Clare is a blissful woodland smallholding, dotted with yurts and animals. We feasted and drank long into the night, until we drifted soundly to sleep in our own forest yurt. Our silent safe haven was disturbed only by the sound of tawny owls and the manic bursts of heavy rain.

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