Freedom by foot

On the 9th of September 2011 we set out from England to the continent by ferry to begin our adventure in earnest. By foot we will make our way to the first destination, which is Milan, from there we will be flying over to Bangalore for an archaeological conference (as you do) and an escape from the harsh European winter.

At any and all points in our little wander we will be on the look out for interesting and exciting places and people to learn from. Our journey begins with a zeal for experiencing ancient and traditional life & new innovative ways of living for the future.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Goats in the mist

We must today talk of the goat, little tiny beautiful smelly goat, that was born unexpectedly in the early and misty hours of this morning. All of us held the mother and the tiny kidd, wrestling around trying to get it to suckle. Alas only a small amount of feeding was accomplished before the mother tried to sit on his little head. Whilst I held the goat in my arms, in awe of its innocence and fragility, he began to nibble at my nip. Oh the joy I felt! If I could bear him some latte I would!

Could we have been blessed with a better leaving present. As today we flee to more exotic lands.
In fact along with this day being a pleasant rhythm of packing and cleaning, paying visits to the goats, it has also been a day full of animal dramatics. Poor one eyed, deaf Brunio the ancient dog had a fit on the floor whilst the gnocchi making was underway and shortly after two of the wild big grey cats had a fight in the kitchen, casting the empty 95% alcohol bottles and marinaded aubergines to the floor. Smash! So after our peaceful two weeks here we leave on a certain tune! The day draws in here already and shortly we will drive to Piancenza to catch a train to Milano for our flight.

To Italy, Elena and Jonnie: A warm bed, delicious food and bounty of recipes jotted down for future feasts, daily walks with the horses, saffron hunting, cheese making, tilling the field before the frost, the goat bonding and wonderful experiences playing shepherds in the mountains, a beautiful autumn filled with colours that light the darkening skies, evenings filled with a feline chorus and the plentiful supply of wine. All of this was exactly what our bodies, feet, mind and soul needed at this time, thank you.

Our journey has taken us further than before. take a look.


  1. What sweet poetry! Bon voyage ==maybe you'll find goats in India! zzzzzzzzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. travel safely my friends, I hope the next part of your journey treats you well. I have published "fat Hen" but not pele de pomme yet..... and think also that I have found a ruin!
    Look forward to your next posting. XX